My Clients Words

Renee A.  Oakland
I saw Colette for about 4 years.
She helped me mature and evolve so much, with such a soft way.

I first went because my wife and i were having a difficult time and we had separated.. my wife wanted me to go so i went and hated it.
But Colette held an energy i appreciated.

She is creative, open and seasoned.
I love that Colette is older and a woman from my moms generation. It may sound weird and unnecessary but that piece held a key for me… call it what you will but there were beautiful boundaries, space to open up and also accountability…

It probably took a year for me to really open up to Colette.. but when i did , wow! I really let all my baggage go out in the open. That was where the magic really happened. The point is that we got to the heart of stuff. Which sometimes never happens.
In the end, after a couple of years my wife and i worked our stuff out together and got back together.. and continue on.

Colette played a huge part in that reconciliation.
In the end i believe we find whomever we need to work with based on connection or some sort of chemistry that works or doesn’t.  There are a lot of therapists out there.

I would highly recommend checking out Colette. A  skillful guide that is able to accompany through (rough) patches of life.

Eric P. Berkeley Ca.
Colette has been a significant and deeply meaningful ally and inspiration to me. She has a great balance between being able to listen deeply and feed back what she hears, and giving her perspective and advise with sensitivity and tact. She is very engaged and at the same time very professional. She guided me and my ex-wife through our divorce in such a way that we were able to reach a new agreement with very little discord. I highly recommend Colette to anyone who wants to grow and see deeper into their life.
Gideon Letz MD, MPH  Muir Beach, Ca.

Colette is an empathetic listener with an uncanny ability to quickly identify psychological issues that are holding you back.  She is able to suggest helpful strategies for resolving internal conflict without being dogmatic in her approach.  I would recommend her without reservation for anyone looking to become more at peace with themselves and/or wanting to break down psychological barriers to living a fulfilling and productive life.


Christin P. Corte Madera, Ca.

A family member recommended Colette for couples therapy and I am forever grateful. A session with Colette feels like coming home to yourself. She has a rare combination of expertise and empathy, and has a unique way of putting life in perspective. She is truly gifted as a guide, coach, and psychologist; a person who helps you see what you can’t see in yourself and the patterns that we carry throughout our life. Although it can be difficult sometimes, through Colette I have become much more aware of myself and how my actions affect other people. I can’t recommend her highly enough!


Larry A. Berkeley, Ca.

I’ve been a client of Colette’s for many years now.  It’s become a very rich therapeutic relationship which encourages me to grow and aids my healing from the difficulties of my childhood.  She’s both a guide and a companion on my journey to become a better person and to learn to make peace with the parts of me which are less than perfect.  I especially appreciate her patience and her respect for my unique way of processing things, and for my need to reframe things in my own terms, which I’ve discovered is crucial to my ability to change. Having had experience with other therapists, I greatly value Colette’s consistent focus on helping me move forward, and for her trust that I am capable of change.


Phillip B. Corte Madera, CA

We love Colette. My wife and I met with her over several months for help in deepening our relationship. Colette is a wonderful guide and teacher. She is one the rare counselors who have done their own work and can now truly and kindly help others evolve and find their best paths.


Catherine H. San Rafael. Ca.

I’ve been a client of Colette’s for many years and she has helped me through many phases of my life.  Her compassion and deep understanding of the human psyche has brought me to a deeper awareness of myself.  When old patterns and fears flare up, when my negative voice is in control, how to find my voice, staying conscious, and most importantly empowering me as a woman, mother, wife and friend. She was especially crucial when going through a difficult divorce, and being a single working mother of three young children 24-7.

Her commitment to her clients is genuine.  I have recommended her to several friends in crisis over the years and they have all acknowledged great beneficial change in their lives from working with Colette.

I am forever grateful for her tenacious and sensitive guidance. She could be firm when I needed it (beware of the self-inflicted pity party) and loving when I was facing the worst. I could always trust her as she helped me navigate through life’s ups and downs.


Harriot M. San Rafael, Ca.

I had never been to a counselor when I first turned to Colette, but I knew I was miserable–in an unhappy marriage and not knowing where to turn or how to cope. 

A friend highly recommend I talk to Colette, and so began a journey that helped me have the courage to get a divorce and be on my own. But that was just the start. Colette became what I thought of as my “wise woman”: the person I could trust to help me truly see myself as others did, and to be honest about what I needed to change. Throughout, Colette proved to be compassionate and insightful, tough when she needed to be, and boundlessly loving. I felt safe and heard. Colette never gave up on me, even when I couldn’t see my way. I can truly say I wouldn’t be where I am in my life–happy and excited for every day–if it weren’t for her. What a gift. 

FYI, I’m now remarried to a terrific guy who has also benefitted from Colette’s wisdom. By both visiting her, singly and together, we have learned more about ourselves and each other. It has also given us a common language and understanding to navigate life’s inevitable sticky spots–something I didn’t do very well before!

I’d highly recommend Colette to anyone–or any couples or parents–seeking guidance and support along life’s path.


Lauren M. Berkeley, Ca.

The reviews above have said it so well!  I am another whom Colette has helped significantly.  Some aspects of therapy can be scary: exposing one’s perceived limitations; questioning long-held suppositions. But Colette’s warm listening and wise observations have gradually made both possible for me, opening up new ways of seeing and being, and ever more richness in my work and relationships. Colette is creative, penetrating, subtle, kind, gentle, funny and, as someone else mentioned, willing to challenge one when appropriate. Some of my most fruitful conversations with her have come when I wasn’t ready for a challenge she posed, or misunderstood it, or just thought she was wrong.  In response to my pushing back, she has been non-defensive, honest and self-reflective, helping me to keep thinking for myself, and allowing our relationship to continue developing. Colette is gifted therapist who truly loves what she’s doing and is deeply committed to her clients.

Beverly C.  Pinole, Ca.
Colette’s presence is an invitation to be yourself, she totally accepts you in a very loving manner. Colette has facilitated my discoveries of self. I have been able to rediscover the healthy loving person, which was buried by childhood scares. Those scares have been released, when they resurface I have the ability to make healthier choices. It’s so empowering to know the strength of choice.
So thankful and feel accomplished for my growth; ability to speak up for myself and facilitated growth in my marriage. Absolutely amazing when one person has clarity and the partner changes, this is one a aspect that strengthened my marriage.
Colette makes self growth seem easier and easier!